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With Converters Plus You Get: 

  • Scientific results with a world renowned refinery of precious metals

  • Complete and 100% transparency, customer is copied in all email communication with the refinery from the moment the material is delivered until the final assay report

  • Open and honest chain of custody

  • Options how and when you get paid

  • Easy shipping

  • Higher return

 Fast Shipping

Converters Plus coordinates the shipping of the recycler’s load of converters. After the shipment arrives, the team will screen the load for value.  

Get Paid Quickly

You can choose to take an 80% advance payment on hedged material within the first three days of arrival or when your assay results are finalized.

Final assay results typically available 3-4 weeks after delivery. 

Decanning and Milling

Unlike our competitors, your material does not need to be decanned. Ship whole units. 

Your converters are de-canned and catalyst material is extracted. Dust collection methods ensure dust remains with your lot. 

 Mass Balancing Weights

Our refinery balances your lot in and out to 1/2 of 1%.

 Sampling and Assaying

The end-refiner conducts an assay test on a scientifically accurate sample from your lot. This verified assay is the basis for your final payment.

 Smelters and Refining

Transforming spent automotive catalyst into industrial grade Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium through pyro- and hydro-metallurgical processes at a world class end-refiner.

Top dollar paid on bi-product materials such as beads, foils, stainless, and dpf units. With Converters Plus your whole operation is covered under one roof. 

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